A New Excel Template to Verify and Parse Address Lists

CDX Technologies now offers a free template that uses our Microsoft Excel add-in CDXStreamer to verify, correct and parse address lists.  The template can be downloaded here.

Just paste your address list into the template, and press the “Verify Addresses” button.  The template automatically compares each address to the US Postal Service databases on CDXStreamer servers.  Addresses are returned to the template with correct spellings, abbreviations, and formatting.  ZIP+4 codes are also returned.  Here is a short tutorial showing how easy it is to use:

Inputted address can be in either single-line or parsed formats.  Input should include as much information as possible, but incomplete address information (e.g. with missing ZIP codes) can also be used.

The verification process will correct misspellings, add omitted data (such as ZIP codes) and use standardized formatting defined by the postal service.  The verified addresses are displayed in both single line format, as well as parsed into separate columns for street, city, state, and ZIP+4 codes.  If an address cannot be found in the postal database, or if not enough data was provided, an error message is returned.

The template also allows the user to restart the verification process from the last verified address if the process was interrupted.

CDXStreamer can also perform address verification within existing Excel files, but the template allows for complete automation of the process.  In either case, verification can be done within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, so the user does not have to learn a new software.  There’s also no need to upload address data or download large databases, making the process easy and seamless.  Here’s a quick look at how CDXStreamer can be used within an existing workbook:

As with most address verification systems, CDXStreamer verifies whether the address is valid, not whether the location or residence physically exists.  For example, if a street number for a house is potentially valid based on the allowed range and numbering system of the specified street, the address is considered valid as a whole.

The template can be evaluated using a free seven-day trial of CDXStreamer.  CDXStreamer is available in one-time and monthly data packages.  Please see our website for current pricing

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