CDXZipStream Version 10.2 - Low Cost Route Optimization

We’ve just released version 10.2 of CDXZipStream that includes a low-cost route optimization capability.  CDXZipStream is a Microsoft Excel add in that, working in conjunction with Microsoft MapPoint, finds the optimal order of stops on a driving route, saving time, money, and fuel. 

Besides route optimization, CDXZipStream performs a variety of tasks involving location-based data, such as zip code analysis, driving distance and time calculations, demographic analysis, geocoding, and mapping.  A 30-day day trial of the software can be evaluated prior to purchase.

Update - CDXZipStream now supports Bing Maps as well as Microsoft Mappoint.  Our blog article Route Optimization in Bing Maps using Microsoft Excel covers this update.  You can get started for free with a Bings Maps API key from and our free CDXZipStream demo.  While Mappoint was discontinued in 2014 it is still available as a demo from Microsoft.  Mappoint is still useful for optimizing large numbers of stops and charts such as driving radius.  Mappoint is still available for sale from 3rd party vendors on the web and older cheaper version can be purchased on Ebay. 

The latest version of CDXZipStream supports both Bing Maps and Mappoint with separate functions (CDXRouteBing and CDXRouteMP).  Our templates for route optimization also support both data sources.



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