Getting the Most Out of CDXZipStream


We like to think of CDXZipStream as a Swiss-army knife for working with location-based data, be it zip codes, addresses, or latitude/longitude (geocode) points. Since it performs so many functions, ranging from retrieving the most up-to-date demographic data to optimizing driving routes, we've put together in our CDXZipStream links page a virtual supermarket of resources that helps our clients get the most out of the software.   Here's a quick review of some of our links:

"One-Click" CDXZipStream Templates

These are free, downloadable, pre-formatted Excel files that perform CDXZipStream functions with a single click of the mouse.  Just enter your address, zip code, or other data of interest, and click a command button to start the calculations.  We currently have templates designed for route optimization, geocoding and reverse geocoding, and for driving calculations such as driving distance, time, cost, and total trip duration.  These templates can also be used with the trial version of CDXZipstream, so they're especially well-suited for doing a quick and easy evaluation of whether CDXZipStream is right for you.  Client feedback has been extremely positive, and we will be adding new templates to cover all CDXZipStream functionality.

YouTube Videos

These are short, informative videos that show you how you can use CDXZipStream in a Microsoft Excel worksheet.  We've found that video instruction is extremely effective in helping our clients understand what CDXZipStream can do, and is a great way to get the word out when new functionality is added.  Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel if you would like to be notified when new videos are released.

Technical Articles

These include Microsoft Excel files showing concrete examples of how CDXZipStream can be used, our on-line help file, a video quick-start guide to CDXZipStream,  and a spreadsheet of all available demographic data fields and their descriptions.

Close-Up Articles

These are an informational series of articles highlighting how you can get and use address, zip code, and geocode data to help grow your business.  These provide a good introduction on how to leverage location-based information into improved efficiencies, more targeted marketing and identification of your customer base, and direct cost savings, using CDXZipStream.  Four areas are covered: customer demographics, route optimization, driving (such as driving distance, time, and cost) calculations, and geocoding.  

We also include links to our newletters, articles on, PC Magazine, and, as well as links to the many awards won by CDXZipStream.  So please feel free to check back frequently, as we continually update and add to this page as CDXZipStream grows.


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