How We Can Customize CDXZipStream to Fit Your Needs


In the past we’ve mentioned customization services for our Microsoft Excel add-in CDXZipStream, and we’d like to take the opportunity here to discuss some examples of how customization may help better support your business needs around address, zip code, and data analysis in general. 

Do a One-Time Analysis:  

Need to use CDXZipStream functionality just once?  If you are not interested in purchasing the software for continuing use, we can provide the hard data that fills your specific need.  This is often an economically attractive alternative, particularly in lieu of the more expensive demographic versions of CDXZipStream.     

Get a Custom Excel Template:  

We can build pre-formatted templates that perform specific tasks around existing CDXZipStream functions, often combining multiple functions from CDXZipStream and Excel to get the final required answer.  Tasks can usually be fully automated so that after data entry, a simple click of a button is all that’s required of the user.  We currently offer free, downloadable templates that perform basic analyses, such as geocoding (getting latitude/longitude data), route optimization, radius analysis, and more.  But if you have a more complex task, consider a customized template.  This is also a great option if you need to standardize CDXZipStream applications for less experienced Excel users.

Please refer to the following tutorials at the end of this article to see our standard templates in action.  We can custom modify any of these templates to fit your particular needs.

Apply CDXZipStream Beyond Excel:  

We’ve reviewed in a past blog post the basic programming code that allows CDXZipStream to be applied to other Office applications beyond Excel.  This code is not proprietary and we invite our clients to use it as they please.   Not into programming?  Let us do it for you, and get CDXZipStream functionality, ranging from route optimization to radius analysis, exactly where you need it.

Use CDXZipStream with a Custom DataBase:

We’ve designed CDXZipStream around the use of address, zip code, and demographic data, but the concept of selectively taking data from a local database and putting it in Excel with custom functions can be applied to a wide variety of data needs.  Whether you have a private database you would like to use more efficiently through a spreadsheet platform, or want to mine a commercially available set of data that we don’t currently include in our own feeds, we can build a version of CDXZipStream that will work for you, using our patented interface.  Some types of custom databases include:

-Commercial address or postal code databases for countries other than the U.S. or Canada

-Census data for specialized demographics not now included in CDXZipStream

-Proprietary customer data

-Demographics by other geographies, such as voting districts, school districts, urban growth areas, etc.

For more information about CDXZipStream customization, or to request a free quote, contact us at 1-877-CDX-TEC1 (239-8312) or


Video tutorials for your reference:

Route Optimization with One Click:

Driving Distance and Time for a Matrix of Addresses:

Zip Code Radius Analysis in an Excel Template

Get Latitude and Longitude for Addresses in Excel:

Reverse Geocode Template for Microsoft Excel:

Driving Distance and Time Calculations in an Excel Template:

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