Important Census Dates to Put on Your Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau expects to release the first major data compilation from the 2010 Census during the summer of 2011.  We will include this data in the CDXZipStream Premium and Premium ACS versions approximately two weeks after its release.

However, beyond the 2010 Census, there's another important milestone coming up: in December 2010 the Census Bureau will release for the first time 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey, which will include data down to the zip code level covering the years 2005-2009. This survey (which has replaced the old "long form" of the ten year census) has population, race, gender and age data like the 2010 Census, but also includes education, socioeconomic, and housing information that is not included in the 2010 Census.  It will be updated annually and will be much more current than previous census data obtained every 10 years.  We will include the American Community Survey 5-year data in the CDXZipStream Premium ACS version approximately two weeks after its release.

The five-year American Community Survey data represents a major shift in how demographics is collected, and we'll be discussing this data in more detail as we get closer to the December 2010 issuing date.  Check back later for more postings ...


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