Pick Your Excel Template - Updated 7-14-2014

We've been continuously developing Microsoft Excel templates that use CDXZipStream to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from route optimization to zip code radius analysis.  They are pre-formatted and automated so that users simply input their data, click a button or two, and the desired output is returned to the worksheet. The templates are free, work in Microsoft Excel 2003 and up, and can be evaluated with free trials of CDXZipStream and Microsoft MapPoint, which is also used in some of the templates.  (See the top of our links page to download.) At this point there are enough templates that we thought it would be a good idea to review in one place all their functionality and provide corresponding video tutorials;

Radius Calculations Template:  Input a list of addresses and this template will identify which ones are within a specified radius distance of a target ZIP code or postal code.  The calculations are based on the straight-line distance between the centroid (center) locations of the ZIP codes.  This is a one of our more popular templates and can be used for a variety of applications, such as filtering customer addresses around a store or other key location.  U.S. ZIP and Canadian postal codes can be analyzed simultaneously, if desired.  You can view the tutorial here:

ZIP Code Radius Analysis in an Excel Template -

Nuclear Facility Radius Calculator:  An example application of our Radius Calculations template that identifies nuclear facilities in a radius around a target zip code.   You can view the tutorial here.

Geocode and Sort by Distance Template:  Input a list of addresses, and this template will find the latitude and longitude of each location, then use this data to sort the locations according to their straight-line distance from a target location.  This template provides a quick and easy approach to identifying locations around a targeted store, central office, or distribution point, and provides more accuracy than using ZIP codes alone.  Microsoft MapPoint supports the geocoding in this template. 

Driving Distance Template:  This template works with Microsoft MapPoint to calculate driving time, driving distance, cost, or total trip duration between two lists of addresses. Input the same address for one of the lists if you need driving data around a single location.  This is a very easy way to validate travel expenses.  Please view the tutorial here:

Driving Distance and Time Calculations in an Excel Template

Route Optimization Template (with GPX export):  This template also works with Microsoft MapPoint, to re-order and optimize intermediate stops on a driving route, to achieve the shortest or quickest route.  The optimized route can then be exported to a GPX file that is compatible with many GPS devices.  This is a very easy-to-use, economical approach to route optimization that can reduce transportation costs for applications ranging from food delivery services to customer sales calls.  You can view the tutorial here:

Route Optimization with One Click

Lat-Lon Route Optimization Template (with GPX export):  This template also re-orders and optimizes intermediate stops on a driving route, but allows for inputting locations based on their latitude and longitude.  As with our conventional route optimization template, the results can be exported to a GPX file.  Here's the tutorial for this template:

Route Optimization with Latitude and Longitude

Driving Matrix Template:  Input a matrix of addresses or zip codes to calculate driving distance, driving time, cost or trip duration between all combinations of routes.  For instance, the input matrix would look something like this:

Driving calculations will be performed for the route between Address 1 and Address A, Address 1 and Address B, Address 1 and Address C, etc., until all combinations are covered.  This is a quick and easy way to assign driving destinations, such as for delivery, taxi, or limousine services.  You can view the tutorial here: 

Driving Distance and Time for a Matrix of Addresses

Geocoding Template:  Get latitude and longitude data for a long list of addresses.  This template works with Microsoft MapPoint, and can also be used to verify the accuracy of mailing lists based on the quality of the address match to the MapPoint database.   View the tutorial here:

Get Latitude and Longitude for Addresses in Excel 

Reverse Geocoding Template:  Working with Microsoft MapPoint, this template reverse geocodes by finding the closest address to a geocode (latitude and longitude) point. This can be extremely useful for processing points from a gps device.  You can view the tutorial here:

Reverse Geocode Template for Microsoft Excel

Census Tract FIPS Code Template:  This is a specialty template that will return the census tract and group block FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) codes for a list of addresses. The census tract FIPS can then be used as input to obtain census tract demographhics data from the U.S. Census Bureau, via the CDXZipStream data feed CDXTract.   The addresses are first geocoded (with the help of Microsoft MapPoint), and then sent to an FCC API via the internet to obtain the final codes.  For more information and a tutorial about this process please refer to the article Get Census Tract FIPS Codes in an Excel Template

Although these templates cover many uses and will fit the bill for most clients, please contact us at customsolutions@CDXTech.com if you have a special need and require template customization.

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