The CDXZipStream Licensing Agreement


CDXZipStream, our Excel add-in for address, zip code, and route analysis, has a licensing agreement that is significantly different (in a good way!) from most other software.  Understanding that CDXZipStream contains a number of functions for route planning and optimization, it makes sense to allow our users to install it on multiple computers.  For example, you can plan and optimize a route on your desktop, then follow the directions for the optimized route on a laptop in your car.  For very long calculations, it is also helpful to use a secondary desktop or laptop so your main computer is not tied up.  Since the CDXZipStream license is provided per user, you won’t have to buy multiple licenses to do this; each CDXZipStream license comes with three key codes, allowing you to install it on three separate computers.  

To set up CDXZipStream on a new computer simply download and install the CDXZipStream demo on the new computer.  When installation is complete and Microsoft Excel opens, press the third button on the CDXZipStream toolbar named "License Information and Software Updates". (If you are using Excel 2007 or 2010, the CDXZipStream toolbar is located under the "Add-Ins" menu.) Then press the "Buy Now" button followed by pressing "Generate KeyCode" and log into our web site using the username and password you received with your original purchase.  If you did not retain your original purchase information please contact us at

A web page allowing you to generate a new keycode should appear with your new Computer ID automatically entered. This Computer ID is unique for each PC and your registration code is based on it. Then press "Next" to generate your new registration key.

Copy your new keycode from the box that appears and then press the "x" in the upper right corner and minimize your browser. Then paste the copied code into the "Keycode" section of the "CDXZipStream Purchase and Registration" box and press "OK". (This is the box where you pressed the "Generate Keycode" button.) CDXZipStream will now be fully activated on your computer.

Your online account can also be used to purchase data updates or upgrade your product to a more powerful version.  A history of all data purchases is maintained in the "Download Data Files" section.

Our license does not permit sharing with other users on additional machines.  We do require that multiple users purchase multiple licenses.  Each CDXZipStream license will be registered under a person’s name, which can be displayed by clicking on the “License Information and Software Updates” button on the main CDXZipStream toolbar.  Also shown is the number of licenses associated with the name.   If the name needs to be transferred, such as in cases where an employee has left an organization, please contact us at support@  We also offer generous volume discounts of up to 20% for 10 licenses; please contact us for details if you need more than 10 licenses.  

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  • We only need the CDXZipStream CDXRadius. Which version should I buy?
    • You would need to buy the Lite version which includes the Radius, CDXDistance and CDXClosestZip functions.

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