Video Tutorials for CDXZipStream Right-Click Functions

CDXZipStream, our Microsot Excel add-in, has some very useful functions that perform a variety of location-based calculations, ranging from creating zip code lists for a given city to finding latitude and longitude for an address.  These functions are readily accessible by right-clicking with the mouse on any cell in an Excel worksheet - a "custom function" (similar to standard Excel functions like SUM or AVERAGE) is then inserted into the worksheet cell and performs the desired calculation.  Please refer to our previous blog for more general information about custom functions in Excel.

To help guide CDXZipStream users when accessing these functions, here is a quick review that includes short video tutorials (in Shockwave and Windows Media formats) on their use:

CDXFindZip:  Finds all the zip codes for a given city.  CDXFindZip.swf (1.56 mb)  CDXFindZip.wmv (1.03 mb)

CDXDistance:  Finds the distance between two zip codes.  CDXDistance.swf (1.88 mb)  CDXDistance.wmv (1.15 mb)

CDXRadius:  Finds all zip codes within a radius distance of a target zip code.  When used with Microsoft MapPoint, it can also create a radius map around a target zip code.  CDXRadius.swf (4.41 mb)  CDXRadius.wmv (3.10 mb)

CDXRouteMP:  Working with Microsoft MapPoint, calculates driving time, distance, and cost between two locations, and can also create a map of the route.  CDXRouteMP.swf (5.73 mb)  CDXRouteMP.wmv (3.77 mb)

CDXLocateMP:  Working with Microsoft MapPoint, verifies latitude, longitude, and address information for a given location, and can also create a map of the location.  CDXLocateMP.swf (4.24 mb)  CDXLocateMP.wmv (3.06 mb)

CDXDistance2WP:  Working with Microsoft MapPoint, calculates the distance between two waypoints.  A waypoint is a location defined by its latitude and longitude.  CDXDistance2WP.swf (2.27 mb)  CDXDistance2WP.wmv (1.47 mb)

CDXClosest: Finds the zip code from a list that's closest to a target zip code.  CDXClosest.swf (4.10 mb)  CDXClosest.wmv (2.70 mb)

CDXZipList:  Creates a list of zip codes for any city, county, or state.  CDXZipList.swf (3.08 mb)  CDXZipList.wmv (1.82 mb)

In upcoming posts we'll be reviewing these functions in more detail, showing how they can be used to solve real-world problems when dealing with zip code, address and location-based data in general.  Stay tuned!


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