What You Get with the CDXZipStream Demo


Our Microsoft Excel add-in for zip code and location-based analysis, CDXZipStream, is available for download in a free 30-day demo version that allows our clients to “try before you buy”.  We want our clients to have a good understanding of what our software can (and sometimes, can’t) do to help their organizations better connect with their own clients and customers; although there are some limitations of the demo, we’ve carefully designed it to effectively show off the features and functionality of the full-version software.

For example, all features of all CDXZipstream versions are enabled in the demo.  This includes all data feeds and all right-click functions, such as functions that perform radius analysis, route optimization, geocoding and reverse geocoding, and zip code list generation.  

There are general calculation limits of the demo, however, of 1000 per function per Excel session.  This applies for both custom functions that grab demographic data (such as CDXZipCode) and right-click functions such as CDXDistance and CDXRouteMP.  The CDXRadius function is limited to analyses of 50 miles or less, and the CDXZiplist function is limited to 1000 returned values.  For the data feeds, the premium demographic versions are limited to four select zip codes, and for those selected zips, the corresponding CBSA, county, and state.

The CDXZipStream demo version is of course compatible with the 60-day free trial version of MapPoint (North American or Europe), and can be evaluated within our free downloadable templates for performing radius analysis, route optimization, geocoding, reverse geocoding, and driving distance calculations.

Also worth noting: the CDXZipStream demo does not have any unwanted add-ons that load to your computer.  We’ve noticed lately a trend among “free” software that will do anything from hijacking your browser to installing new media players.  It’s all probably spelled out in the fine print, but at the end of the day this is an unethical practice we refuse to participate in. 

And finally, after trying the demo and purchasing the version of your choice, we also offer an unconditional, 30-day return policy.  We truly want our clients to consider CDXZipStream as a high-benefit, no-risk software that can support your organization’s needs around zip code and location-based analysis. So please “try before you buy” CDXZipStream in demo form– it really is cost (and risk) – free.


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