ZIP Code Census Demographic Data in Microsoft Excel


Our Microsoft Excel add-in for zip code analysis, CDXZipStream, now includes a new feed that provides extensive demographic data based on ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. (ZCTA's are the U.S. Census Bureau version of ZIP codes.)  This is the first time ZIP code-based data has been released from the American Community Survey.   The ACS is an annual survey of about 3 million households performed by the U.S. Census Bureau. It has replaced the old "long form" version of the census, and includes many social, economic, and housing questions that were not part of the 2010 Census. The over 200 data fields in this feed cover: 

- Age

- Individual Earnings

- Educational Attainment

- Household Size

- Household Income

- Housing Value and Rent

- Marital Status

- Mortgage Status

- Population

- Race/Ethnicity

- School Enrollment

Click here if you would like to download a complete listing of the data feeds and fields provided in CDXZipStream, including the new feed listed under the name "CDXACSZCTA".

CDXZipStream includes a patented user interface that makes importing demographic data into Excel both fast and easy.  For a short tutorial on how to use our newest data feed, please see the video below:

or refer to the YouTube video ZIP Code Census Demographic Data in Microsoft Excel.

The new feed is available with the Premium ACS version of CDXZipStream, which includes all demographic data feeds and data analysis functions.  Pricing for all versions of CDXZipStream is available on our pricing page. If you already have this version, the new feed is included in the most recent Premium ZIP Code data update.    Other current users of CDXZipStream can upgrade to this version by logging into their account and selecting “Upgrade Licenses”.  In both cases, be sure to also get the newest 11.2.2 (free) update of CDXZipStream, available by clicking on the "License Information and Software Updates" button on the toolbar, then selecting "Software Updates".

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