U.S. and Canada ZIP and Postal Code Radius Analysis

CDX Technologies now offers a free Microsoft Excel template that can simultaneously perform radius analysis for locations in the United States and Canada.  The template is compatible with the Lite, Basic, and Premium Demographic versions of our CDXZipStream Excel add-in.  It can also be evaluated with the free CDXZipStream trial version.

The template can be used for a range of business needs, such as planning delivery routes, designing a marketing campaign for a store lotion, or assigning sales representatives to geographic territories.

Just cut and paste address information into the template (the only required field is ZIP or postal code), and then provide the target code and desired radius distance from the target.  The template will automatically filter the address list to find only those locations within the radius area.  Calculations are based on the straight-line (“as the crow flies”) distance between the target and all other locations.  

The template provides the option of analyzing only U.S. ZIP codes, Canadian postal codes, or both at the same time, which is ideal for locations near the U.S.-Canadian border.  Please see the video tutorial below:

You can also watch Find U.S. ZIP and Canadian Postal Codes in a Radius on Youtube.

All the templates on our links page are free.  The templates are pre-formatted, easy-to-use Excel files that access CDXZipStream functions directly (instead of through worksheet formulas) and can process long lists very quickly.  Please see our article Pick Your Excel Template for a more detailed description of the functionality they provide.

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