Zip Code Radius Calculations in an Excel Template


Radius analysis based on zip codes can be an extremely easy way to perform a variety of tasks, such as identifying customers closest to a store location, assigning client calls to sales representatives, or designing a direct-mail campaign for a charitable event.

Our Excel add-in CDXZipStream uses the custom function CDXDistance to calculate the straight-line distance between zip codes.  (Since this is a very fast calculation, thousand of zip codes can be processed very quickly.)  To help our clients better use this functionality, we are now offering a free Microsoft Excel template that employs CDXDistance to automatically filter zip codes based on their distance from a target zip.  

Just enter a list of zip codes in the template, specify the "target" zip code of interest and the radius distance (in either miles or kilometers), and the template automatically filters the list and shows only those zip codes that fall within the radius distance.  Any rows that contain zip codes not within the radius are hidden by Excel's autofilter function. 

There are also several blank columns available for other data associated with the address information in the template, such as name or telephone number.  These fields are filtered along with the provided zip codes and other address data.  After filtering, the results can be copied and pasted to a new Excel workbook; any hidden rows will not be copied to the new workbook.

As an example of how to use the template, we also offer a customized version which can identify nuclear facilities within a radius distance of a specified zip code.  In this case, we have provided (in the data entry area) zip code information for each nuclear facility located in the U.S.  As in the generic template, just enter a target zip code and radius distance, and only the nuclear facilities that fall within the specified radius will be displayed.

Both templates can be evaluated with the free demo version of CDXZipStream, and for longer-term use will work with the CDXZipStream Lite version.

Please see the tutorial below to see the radius template in action:

or watch the YouTube version:  ZIP Code Radius Analysis in an Excel Template

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