Caliper Maptitude Feature Availability in CDXZipStream

We have just released CDXZipStream version 5.6. As part of this we are are now including the Maptitude routing and geocoding functions as part of the Router, Basic and Premium versions of CDXZipStream. Previously the Maptitude features were an additional add-on purchase.

You may remember that CDXZipStream started as a Microsoft Mappoint add-on which is a separate desktop program. Once Mappoint was purchased you had access to an unlimited numbers of calculations. Unfortunately, Mappoint was discontinued by Microsoft. We are looking to add a similar capability for CDXZipStream customers with Caliper Maptitude. This is especially important given the recent price increases from HERE Technologies and and the proposed increases for the Bing Maps replacement Azure Maps.

As with Mappoint, Maptitude installs locally on your machine and your only cost is the one-time license fee regardless of the number of times you use it.  The cost of the latest version of Caliper Maptitude 2024 is $695 and includes country data for the US.  A demo of Maptitude is available at the following link. Please note that we are currently only supporting the US version of Maptitude. If you have a previous version of Maptitude upgrades are available at a reduced price.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version 5.6 or better which is the current trial version on our site. There is no cost to get access to the update. The installation file for this can be downloaded here

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