CDX Demographic Report for an Individual Address


We've previously covered how to create demographic reports by zip codes with both our CDXZipStream Excel add-in and online web based tools. One common request we receive is how to do this for a specific address rather than a zip code. We've created an online tool for this type of report which is available at the following web link

This application works by first geocoding the address and then determining the associated census tract with the address. Census tracts are a narrower geographic area than zip codes. Demographics are then presented from our Census Tract database which was created using the U.S. Census 2020 American Community Survey (ACS) data. This is the same database as we use the CDXZipStream census tract option available to all demographic customers. The cost to do this is $9.95 if paying on a one time basis or 20 CDXStreamer requests.

A csv file is created which can then be imported into a demographic report template we provide. This spreadsheet can be customized as you wish and output a report to your printer or pdf.

We also have a bulk tract analysis tool by address that we've previously covered in the following blog article.


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