CDX Technologies Suite of Tools for Radius Analysis

We covered in our last newsletter how to use the CDXRadius formula in CDXZipStream in dynamic formula arrays.  What you may not be aware of is the comprehensive suite of tools for radius analysis that CDX Technologies has available.  This not only includes CDXZipStream but automation templates, web based tools and REST XML services.  Here is a list of radius software we offer along with references to additional detail on each.

1.      If you have a customer list and would like to report on customers within a specified distance of a central zip code you can use our free “Zip Code Radius Analysis” template.  For more information on this product please see our blog article Zip Code Radius Calculations in an Excel Template

2.      For situations where you need to create a zip code radius report for many individual zip codes you can use our “Bulk Radius Template”. You can find more information about this free tool on the following blog link “New Bulk Zip Code Radius Template”.

 3.      CDXZipStream can also sort locations by distance if you have a complete address rather than just a zip code.   We’ve created a free “Geocode and Sort By Distance” template to handle this case of radius analysis. This does require a Bing or HERE API key to geocode the location for latitude and longitude. A video covering the operation of the template can be found on Youtube at the following link.

 4.      Also available for purchase is our Geographic Access Analysis template, which performs the same distance analysis but also generates reports for every target location, showing only the closest locations within a designated radius distance. Please see our article “Store Locator and Bulk Radius Analysis” for more information or the youtube video "Geographic Access Analysis using Microsoft Excel". This can be purchased in your online account for $99.95.

 5.      The first four tools listed above do require CDXZipStream and Excel to perform radius analysis. To do this type of analysis in your browser you can use our online tool “Free Zip Code Radius Analysis Report”.  Our CDXStreamer bulk tools can also provide demographics for all zip codes in a radius using the web based application “Zip Code Demographics By Radius Batch Report.”

 6.      If you are developing a web based or other type of application and would like to use our radius reports you can access a REST API from CDX Technologies which is jone one of the functions in our CDXGeodata product line. CDXZipStream users can request a free development account for this service at the following link.

 In addition to these tools we also have the ability to customize our products to meet any need.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your business needs for radius analysis.


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