CDXStreamer Online Tools

 We've recently updated our CDXStreamer product line to include cloud-based tool support as well as Microsoft Excel.  CDXStreamer is a suite of online tools and Excel add-ins to verify and correct address lists and look up ZIP and ZIP+4 Codes.

CDXStreamer can be used to access our web-based Bulk Address Correction and Zip+4 Lookup Tool and Zip Code Demographics Batch Report Tool. Additional online tools are available to process demographics by radius or by state and county.

If you have a list of addresses without ZIP Codes you will find our Bulk Address Correction Tool easily solves this problem. Just upload an .xlsx or .csv file with your available data to the tool. Both one column and multiple column address formats are supported. If you have a non-demographic version of CDXZipStream and now need to make a one-time demographic analysis you will also find CDXStreamer to be a cost effective alternative.

The demographic reports contain over 50 key statistics including household income, population, median age and business employment. We've also created a spreadsheet to create a graphical summary report using the output of the online tools.

Pricing for CDXStreamer is available here. Both monthly subscription and one time purchases are available. You can try CDXStreamer for free for 7 days by signing up for our free trial.

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