CDXZipStream Bing Version renamed to CDXZipStream Router

To better indicate the enhanced features of this product we are renaming our CDXZipStream Bing version to CDXZipStream Router. This is being done to better indicate the primary product purpose is to calculate driving routes and geocoding addresses. CDXZipStream Router also supports multiple map data sources including Bing, HERE and legacy support of Microsoft Mappoint

Our website has been updated to reflect this change. This does not affect how your current product operates or any formula names. The only change you will see is that.if you register our latest installation and own CDXZipStream Bing your account screens on our website and in Excel CDX Router for the version. Other CDXZipStream product versions remain unchanged. Our latest installation is always available via the download link at:

As noted above, this product as well as more advanced versions of CDXZipStream now support the HERE data service. Here offers a "Freemium" Plan that allows up to 250,000 free requests per month as well as affordable pricing for additional requests. For more infomation on the HERE Technologies data service please check out our blog article.


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