CDXZipStream Bulk FindZip Report Template

We've added a new template to our suite of CDXZipStream tools for FindZip Analysis.  This template can take a long list of city and state combinations and produce a report of all matching ZIP Codes.  The template can be downloaded for free from the templates page of our website.  It is compatible with both the trial and registered versions of CDXZipStream.

While you can always copy the original FindZip formula to analyze a list, this template streamlines the application.  Rather than returning all ZIP Codes in a single string (as the formula does), each ZIP Code is output to a separate cell in the template.  This makes it simple to copy the lists to another application.  The template can handle up to 250 ZIP Codes per city/state entry.  As with our other templates, you will see a status indicator showing the progress of the FindZip calculations in the lower left status bar. 

 Here is an example of the report output:


With the release of this application we now have templates that automate each CDXZipStream function.  You can download this new FindZip tool and all of the other templates here.  We recommend the use of these templates rather than copying formulas when analyzing long lists. We also provide video tutorials demonstrating how to use many of the available templates.

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