CDXZipStream Templates Updated to Support Maptitude.

We updated all CDXZipStream templates that involve geocoding and routing to include Caliper Maptitude support. In addition to supporting Bing and Mappoint a third option is now available for Maptitude.  Just select Maptitude from the data source dropdown to use it as shown below.

Adding Caliper Maptitude allows you to make an unlimited number of requests for a one-time cost of a license.  Just copy in your address data and press a button to calculate.  There is no need to learn the details about CDXZipStream or its formulas.

The templates updated include.

  1. Geocoding Template
  2. Reverse Geocoding Template
  3. Driving Calculations Template
  4. Driving Calculations Matrix Template
  5. Census Tract FIPs Codes
  6. Route Optimization Template
  7. Route Optimization with Geocodes Template
  8. Geocode and Sort By Distance Template

They are available to both registered versions of CDXZipStream and demo users.  All are digitally signed so they can be run in secure environments that require this. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro language provides the automation that powers the templates as described in prior blog articles. These applications are available for download at the following link.

The templates are a more efficient way to deal with calculating long lists. This is especially important when dealing with routing as this can involve significant calculation times. Copying large groups of formulas in Excel can be quite cumbersome. Excel doesn't calculate formulas linearly and can appear to be "hung" even though calculations are proceeding in the background. The templates calculate in the order your data is entered and have an indicator showing progress to completion.    

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