CDXZipStream Trip Summary Feature

A feature you may not be aware of is the Trip Summary report.  This feature is available as a right-click function in the CDXRouteBing and CDXRouteHERE functions. This is present in the CDXZipStream Router version and better.  This report will show the total trip distance, time, waypoints, optimization options and a map to for any given route. This can all be done in a single step instead of entering different CDXZipStream formulas. The picture below displays a typical report.

To create this first enter you desired route waypoints the spreadsheet. In the example above enter your 5 waypoints in the range B2 thru B6 In this case we are doing a fixed endpoint optimization with the start address equal to the end address.  In an adjacent cell clear of data, for this example G2, right click and choose the “CDXZipStream Functions” menu item and select “ Insert CDXRouteBing Function”. This will display the CDXRouteBing dialog. For Address1, enter the waypoint range of “B2:B6” (without the quotes). When entering a range rather than a single point Address2 can be left blank. Then in the “Route Calculation” drop down, specify “Trip Summary (miles)’.  Following this press “OK” to generate your report.

There is a separate Route Calculation option to generate the trip report in kilometers instead of miles. Additional customization options are available in the “Bing Maps Settings” button feature to include or remove the map and/or waypoints from the report.

A YouTube video covering this specific report and other feature of the CDXRouteBing function can be seen at the following link.


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