CDXZipStream Version 4 with Maptitude Support

We have just released CDXZipStream version 4 which works with Caliper’s Maptitude mapping software. Maptitude is the most powerful desktop mapping solution available and is an excellent replacement for Microsoft's discontinued Mappoint software. Two new functions have been added for geocoding and routing named CDXRouteMaptitude and CDXLocateMaptitude.  These functions will work in a similar fashion to those used for Mappoint and Bing. You can easily access Maptitude data right in Excel or from other applications. Existing CDXZipStream customers will be able to optionally add them to any current version of CDXZipStream. 

While Bing Maps offers greater accuracy and worldwide coverage, it is a transaction-based system with a very complex licensing model.  As with Mappoint, Maptitude installs locally on your machine and your only cost is the one-time license fee regardless of the number of times you use it.  Large-scale analysis projects can be performed with Maptitude that otherwise would have been prohibitively expensive. Bing enterprise licenses which can cost .5 to 2.5 cents per address request depending upon the quantity. 

The price to add this Maptitude capability to any version of CDXZipStream is $99.95.  This does not include Maptitude itself which is a separate purchase.   Our first release will only support the US version of Maptitude although we expect to support other countries shortly. 

The cost of the latest version of Caliper Maptitude 2019 is $695 and includes country data for the US.   A demo of Maptitude is available at the following link.  We do highly recommend that you use the latest version of Caliper Maptitude because of significant speed, reliability and routing improvements.  If you have a previous version of Maptitude upgrades are available at a reduced price.

Our latest demo now includes a demonstration of the new Maptitude functions. If you would like to test Maptitude with your currently activated copy of CDXZipStream please email

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