CDXZipStream ZIP Code Distance Matrix Template

 We've added a new tool to our suite of templates to calculate a distance matrix using the CDXDistance formula.  CDXDistance is a straight-line "as-the-crow-flies" distance calculation for ZIP Codes, available in the CDXZipSteam Lite version and higher.  Because all the calculations are based on our local database this operation is extremely fast and can work on large data sets easily. This template is free and will work with both registered and demo versions of CDXZipStream. The template can be downloaded here.

This allows an easy comparison of all combinations of potential ZIP Codes. Just enter your ZIP Code lists across one column and one row and press "Calculate" to proceed. An option is available to return distance in miles, kilometers or nautical miles. The template is also able to process Canadian postal codes if that CDXZipStream option is installed.

You can visit the templates page on our website to download this and many other free CDXZipStream tools.

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