Dynamic Formula Radius Analysis with CDXZipStream

When using the CDXRadius formula, most users employ the right click function to generate the desired zip code list. This radius list is then referenced to filter custom results in the spreadsheet such as analyzing clients within a certain distance. One such application is explained in the following Youtube video "Finding Zip Codes in a Radius".

A common issue that comes up is when the central zip code or radius distance changes. If you try to overwrite the current radius formula range an message will be generated that you you are about to overwrite an existing formula array. You will also need to re-establish the proper range name to reference the entire zip code list. 

You can streamline the process of updating the radius array for new data by referencing external cells as parameters in the array for the central zip code and distance. This can be done by entering the array manually as described in the following blog article. The formula array is also set to a large range to be able to handle most queries. So updating the array is as simple as changing a value in a cell.

You can see an example of doing this by downloading the file "Radius Analysis.xlsx." This spreadsheet can return radius results up to 10,000 rows in length. The central zip code and radius distance are simply modified by changing the cells highlighted in yellow at the top of the spreadsheet. To incorporate this in your custom report you can copy and paste the entire tab. Be sure that your named radius range encompasses the entire 10,000 data rows.

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