Faster CDXStreamer Version 3


We are pleased to announce the introduction of Version 3 of our CDXStreamer Excel add-in for address verification and ZIP+4 data. The add-in loads directly in Microsoft Excel and adds custom functions to update your spreadsheets with address data. CDXStreamer is the perfect tool when you have a list of addresses with missing ZIP Codes or that needs accuracy checking. It uses a U.S. Postal Service database to insure your addresses are formatted correctly and are deliverable.

With Version 3 we have dramatically improved the speed of the product. Users can expect to see a greater than 5X improvement in speed per address. You will also see similar improvements in our free Address Verification template that works with CDXStreamer.

Our CDXStreamer product includes the add-in discussed above along with our online tools for address verification and demographics. This includes an Address Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup and ZIP Code Demographics Batch Report tools.   CDXStreamer is available as a month-to-month or fixed yearly plan with pricing starting at less than $5 per month.

Registered users can obtain these changes by simply downloading and installing CDXStreamer version 3.0.1 or better.

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