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We now have three tools on our website that complement the capabilities of our software, Excel add-ins CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer, and the web service CDXGeoData.  In addition to the ZIP Code lookup facility discussed in our previous post, you can also access the following free new tools:

1.  Address Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup

Need to find the ZIP or ZIP+4 Code for an address, or need to check an address for accuracy?  You can use the USPS postal service website, but our tool will not only provide the full address using standard abbreviations and formatting (like the USPs), but will also provide additional information like time zone and congressional district, and break the address into its separate components (like street, state, ZIP) for easy copying and pasting.  You can also enter the address in either single or multi-line format.  Here's a short tutorial showing how it works:


The website tool is convenient for looking up single addresses, but for cases where you have a long list of addresses that need correction and/or ZIP and ZIP+4 lookup, consider using our CDXStreamer Excel add-in or CDXGeoData web service.  We also provide free templates in both cases that completely automate the lookup prcess for you; please refer to the following postings for more information:

    CDXStreamer - A New Template to Verify and Parse Address Lists

    CDXGeoData  - Free Address Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup Template

2.  Demographic Data

Demographic data by ZIP Code is an invaluable resource for business planning and marketing.  The U.S. Census Bureau provides an exhaustive range of data from the decennial census as well as the annual American Community Survey.  We've compiled much of the key data into an easy-to-use tool where you can simply select the type of report desired, enter the ZIP Code of interest, and generate a report covering topics such as population, age, gender, income, race, housing value, educational attainment, and more.  This short video demonstrates how to use it:


For cases where you need demographics for a list of ZIP Codes, either our Excel add-in CDXZipStream or the CDXGeoData web service can provide bulk data quickly and easily.  CDXZipStream has up to fourteen data feeds for geographies ranging from census tract to state, while CDXGeoData focuses on ZIP Code demographics.  For more information on these options, please see the posts below:

    CDXZipStream - ZIP Code Demographics from the 2010 Census

    CDXGeoData    - Apps and Web Service for Location Analysis

 For your convenience, consider bookmarking all our website tools using the following links:

- Address Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup

- Demographic Data

- ZIP Code Lookup


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