Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding with CDXGeoData

CDXGeoData is our location-based web service that can be accessed through a REST API when building your own website or app, or through powerful Excel templates that provide data directly to a spreadsheet. These easy-to-use templates employ CDXGeodata to verify address data, retrieve ZIP+4 codes, calculate driving distance and time, and now geocode addresses or reverse geocode points of latitude and longitude.

Particularly with the meteoric rise of mobile commerce, geocoding and reverse geocoding have become essential tools for location-based marketing and analysis. Here are two short tutorials on how to use CDXGeoData templates for geocoding and reverse geocoding:

CDXGeoData templates are particularly convenient in that no Excel add-in installation is required; just enter the CDXGeoData API key associated with your account, and you have full access to functionality.  And once you save the Excel template, the key is saved as well and does not have to be re-entered.  Since geolocation here uses Bing Maps as a data source, a Bing Maps key must be associated with the CDXGeoData account; please refer to our post How to Get a Bing Maps License Key for details.

The templates use Visual Basic for Applications to access CDXGeoData capability.  For the purposes of building your own app for geocoding or reverse geocoding, we also provide example code in C#, JavaScript, and  This and other documentation are available through a free CDXGeoData account

CDXGeoData templates can be evaluated with the 1000 free data tokens provided monthly with each account.  These tokens can also be used for testing purposes during app or website development.  Additional tokens are available for use with large geocoding or reverse geocoding applications; please refer to CDXGeoData pricing for more information.


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