Geographic Access Radius Analysis with CDXClosestZip

We've created a new video demonstrating how to use the CDXClosest Zip Function as an alternative to radius analysis.  The CDXClosest Zip function is a formula included with our CDXZipStream Excel add-in The formula quickly calculates which zip code in a list is closest to a target zip code.

The business use case we analyze is the coverage of a set of business locations for a specific customer list. The most common example of this is a health care network consisting of many individual doctors and/or medical facilities.  A typical report requirement is to examine the coverage that this network has to its customer base. This is determined by calculating the % of customers that are within an easily drivable distance.  Health care is one example but there are many other businesses that need to solve this type of problem.

The video covers the details of the formulas to be added along with an example spreadsheet with the final report


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