Learning Resources for CDXZipStream

CDXZipStream, our Microsoft Excel add-in for location-based and ZIP Code analysis, is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool you can access straight from your worksheet. Here’s some of the functionality it can provide for your Excel data: 

- ZIP Code lookup
- Calculate the distance between ZIP Codes
- Calculate driving time and driving distance
- Address and ZIP Code radius analysis
- Route optimization
- Mapping
- ZIP Code demographics (as well as other geographies such as state, county, city, and census tract)
- Geocode and reverse-geocode

 If you’re new to CDXZipStream or even if you’re an experienced user who wants to explore all of its functionality, we offer a number of learning resources that are available both from within the software and on the web:

Data Feed Examples: After installation of CDXZipStream, a file of data feed examples opens. This covers all CDXZipstream functions, and includes examples of these functions in Excel formulas. This file can be found in the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\CDXTechnologies\CDXZipStream\" folder on your computer, or you can download it directly from the CDXTech.com website.

QuickStart Guide: A good place to start, this is a short video tutorial providing an overview of CDXZipStream capabilities. You can access it on our website directly from the CDXZipStream commandbar, from the CDXTech website under “General” tutorials, or from our YouTube channel here.

Help File: A comprehensive guide to all functions, including examples and common troubleshooting issues. It is also accessible directly from the CDXZipStream commandbar, or from the resources area of the website.

Website FAQ: The section for CDXZipStream Frequently Asked Questions covers common questions on how to use the software, from how to get a Bing Maps license key to how to optimize driving routes.

In the CDXZipStream Support area of CDXTech.com we also offer

Video Tutorials: Tutorials are available from the website and on our Youtube channel. If you have a Youtube account, you can subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when new tutorials are posted.

Resources: The CDXTech.com Resources area for CDXZipStream includes a variety of articles and other information sources, including examples of how CDXZipStream can support the various needs of your business or organization.  Need to find the data source or data fields definition of demographic data provided with CDXZipStream? You can download it from the Resources page under "CDXZipStream Data Fields File PDF File".

Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot installation and operational issues for the current and past versions of CDXZipStream here.  There is also an abbreviated troubleshooting guide in the help file.

Still have questions about CDXZipStream that aren’t answered by any of the above? Contact support@cdxtech.com or give us a call at 973-895-5542.

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