New Bing Maps Route Optimization Based on Driving Distance

In July, Microsoft announced that Bing Maps can now optimize up to 25 stops as part of their REST API service. The change is discussed in this article. Optimization can be requested from Bing Maps for no additional charge.

CDXZipStream has been updated to take full advantage of this new feature. Previously, route optimization in CDXZipStream exclusively used an algorithm based on straight-line distance between stops. Bing Maps route optimization uses driving distance instead of straight-line, and so will generally provide more accurate results. Turnaround will also be quicker since all of the calculations are performed on Bing Maps servers (instead of in Excel). For 25 to 100 stops the optimization routine will revert back to the original straight-line distance algorithm.

Bing Maps optimization is available from the "Bing Maps Settings" dialog:

 Registered users can get this feature by simply downloading and installing CDXZipStream version 3.5.2 or better.

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