New CDX Technologies Apps for the Microsoft Windows Store

CDX Technologies is pleased to release a suite of apps that can be downloaded for free in the online Microsoft Store.  The tools will work on Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 operating systems where the Windows Store is available. Three apps have been released including Postal Address and Zip+4 lookup, Zip Code Report, and Demographic Report tools.  These apps match the applications that are also available on our web site under the “Tools” menu.  There is no charge to use these services.

The Postal Address app will let you enter a single or multi-line address to verify if the address is valid.  If valid the entered address will be corrected for spelling and formatting errors to be consistent with USPS standards.   Additional information will be included such as the county name, county FIPs, state FIPS, congressional district, timezone and more.

Our Zip Code Report app will generate a report that includes city, state, county and more for any zip code. Just enter your zip code and press the “Generate Report” button.  The report contains over 20 key zip code data items including latitude, longitude, area code and elevation. Use the "Print" button to save a copy of your data.


The Demographic Report app provides population, race, gender and location data based on zip code. Just select a report, enter your zip code and press the “Generate Report” button.  The reports contain over 50 key demographic statistics including household income, population, median age and business employment. Most the data is derived from the 2010 US Census. Click on the “Data Definitions” dropdown for an explanation of any item.


Feel free to try these applications and let us know if you have any suggestions.


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