New Free Online Tool for ZIP Code Distance

We just expanded our offering of free online tools with a ZIP Code Distance Report.  All you need to enter is two US ZIP Copes in this mobile-friendly web application.   The output report is shown below and contains the straight-line distance, driving distance, distance type, route map and the latitude and longitude for both ZIP Codes.


The distance can be optionally specified in miles, kilometers or nautical miles. Bing Maps is used for the driving distance calculation and displayed map. CDXGeodata is used for the straight-line distance calculation.  The results will match the CDXZipStream formula for straight-line distance CDXDistance and driving distance with CDXRouteBing.  

You'll find this to be a useful tool if you are away from your PC and Excel and want to look up a route on your phone or other device.  Our website also has other free online tools for demographics, ZIP Code lookups and radius reports. 

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