New Web-Based Location Data Tool for Geocoding

We are continuing to add to the breadth and scope of our CDXStreamer browser based tools available at A new Bulk Location Data Batch Report has been added that can perform forward and reverse geocoding.

This application works in a similar fashion to our Address Correction and Zip+4 tool.  The major difference in the tools is the Location tool can handle worldwide addresses whereas the Address tool only covers the US. Partial or “Fuzzy Information” such as just a street address can also be entered to return possible matches. You can also simply enter two columns with latitude and longitude for reverse geocoding.

To use the application upload an Excel (xlsx) file or csv file to the application and it will produce an output report covering the best match, latitude, longitude and other relevant address data.


The tool can handle up to 10,000 locations at one time and uses the HERE API as a data source. When the report is created you will receive a download link and an email receipt. Locations can be entered as complete or partial addresses, zip codes or geocodes. It will work for US or International locations, any country that HERE supports.

There is a $9.95 minimum report charge and it can be used with your CDXStreamer account for lower costs. Just a web browser is necessary to run the tool, no additional software is required.

You’ll find the tool is useful if you have just a one-time report requirement or if you need to deploy and this type of application to your entire workforce. A single CDXStreamer license covers an unlimited number of users. CDXStreamer is just billed on the number of requests and does not require a separate license as CDXZipStream does.

For a tutorial on using the Location Data tool please see the following video.



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