HERE Technologies Platform Changes

In 2020 we introduced CDXZipStream Version 5 that supported HERE Technologies API’s for geocoding and routing as covered in the following article. We also described in a blog article on how to create free API keys using the portal These API keys allow up to 250,000 requests per month which is a significant benefit when compared to Bing Maps.

If you’ve previously set up API key at your key is still active and you can access the portal with credentials previously set.  But new users are being directed to a different portal at  While you can still set up a key without a credit card, these keys are restricted to 1000 requests per day.  Adding a credit card to the HERE account will allow you 30,000 geocoding requests and 30,000 routing requests per month.  Additional requests have very attractive pricing <$.75 per1000 requests or less as described at the following web page.

You can set up a free API key using the following instructions. A sample screen shot of the web page used to create the REST API key required for CDXZipStream is shown above.  Keys are entered into CDXZioStream in the same fashion as described in our original blog article. Make sure to restrict the domains or IP4 addresses the key can be used on.

You can access the HERE features in CDXZipStream if you have purchased in the last year or if you have an active data maintenance subscription. You will need to download and install the latest CDXZipStream demo and reactivate your software using the "Account" button in the CDXZipStream Excel menu. If you don't reactivate you will not have access to the new features. This will not affect the number of computers that you can install CDXZipStream on.

CDXZipStream customers without an active data maintenance plan will be able to try out the new Here functions but will be limited in the number of requests they can make during a single excel session.  Your online account at can be used to purchase a maintenance plan and get full access.


CDXStreamer Version 4 Released

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Version 4 of our CDXStreamer Excel add-in for address verification and ZIP+4 data. The add-in loads directly in Microsoft Excel and adds custom functions to update your spreadsheets with address data. CDXStreamer is the perfect tool when you have a list of addresses with missing ZIP Codes or that needs accuracy checking. It uses a U.S. Postal Service database to insure your addresses are formatted correctly and are deliverable.
With Version 4 we have improved the ability to use and determine secondary information such as apartment numbers or suites. These capabilities are already added in our online tools and we are updating the add-in to match . You will also see similar improvements in our free Address Verification template that works with CDXStreamer. A picture of the updated template with the additional columns is shown below.
Our CDXStreamer product includes the add-in discussed above along with our online tools for address verification and demographics. This includes an Address Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup and ZIP Code Demographics Batch Report tools.  CDXStreamer is available as a month-to-month or fixed yearly plan with pricing starting at less than $5 per month.
Registered users can obtain these changes by simply downloading and installing CDXStreamer version 4.0.1 or better.

Manually Updating CDXZipStream Zip Code Databases

We've previously covered how to install CDXZipStream and use automated database updates in the following blog article. But there are circumstances where Excel is blocked from accessing our servers by either your network security software or anti-virus. Many companies take a better safe than sorry approach to possible intrusive application behavior. So what should you do in this case?
All Zip Code updates can be manually downloaded in your online account. After logging in with username and password the website will display "Account Settings". Click on the CDXZipStream menu down arrow and then choose "Download Data Files". This menu is shown shown in the image below. Then simply click on the database you wish to retrieve and save it in a location you will remember.
Once the database is saved click on the CDXZipStream "Account" button in Excel then choose "Update Manually". Following this, select the file you downloaded and press "Open". The database update will proceed followed by a message indicating success.
You can use this process to keep a history of updates. For instance, should you wish to go to an demographic data set simply update with a previously saved file.

CDX Technologies Online Account Features

 When you purchase CDXZipStream, you are automatically assigned an account that can be accessed from the "Your Account" menu option. A username (normally your email address) and password for the account were provided in the email that confirmed your original purchase. If you don't remember the password your can request password reset.

So what can this account do for you? After logging in with username and password the website will display "Account Settings" which include your email address other information. An example of a typical account is shown in the image above. Links are provided where you can change your account username or password. 

A product drop-down menu for "CDXZipStream" will also appear which has the following options.

1.   Account Status - Review the license purchased. The computers activated with CDXZipStream will also be displayed. CDXZipStream is a user based license with two activations per license.

2.   Buy Data Update - Purchase data maintenance agreements or optional add-ons such as Canadian data, Maptitude support or the "Geographic Access Analysis Template"

3.   Buy Additional Licenses - Purchase additional licenses of the same version originally purchased.

4.   Upgrade Licenses - Purchase more advanced versions of CDXZipStream for the difference in price. For instance you can upgrade from Basic to Premium for $100 to add demographics.

5.   Download Data Files - In addition to automatic download thru Excel, you can separately download the zip code data files and import them using the "Update Manually" function in the Account button of CDXZipStream.

 If you have purchased other products from CDX Technologies such as CDXStreamer additional menu dropdowns will appear specific to those products.


CDX Demographic Report for an Individual Address


We've previously covered how to create demographic reports by zip codes with both our CDXZipStream Excel add-in and online web based tools. One common request we receive is how to do this for a specific address rather than a zip code. We've created an online tool for this type of report which is available at the following web link

This application works by first geocoding the address and then determining the associated census tract with the address. Census tracts are a narrower geographic area than zip codes. Demographics are then presented from our Census Tract database which was created using the U.S. Census 2020 American Community Survey (ACS) data. This is the same database as we use the CDXZipStream census tract option available to all demographic customers. The cost to do this is $9.95 if paying on a one time basis or 20 CDXStreamer requests.

A csv file is created which can then be imported into a demographic report template we provide. This spreadsheet can be customized as you wish and output a report to your printer or pdf.

We also have a bulk tract analysis tool by address that we've previously covered in the following blog article.