CDXStreamer Online Tools

 We've recently updated our CDXStreamer product line to include cloud-based tool support as well as Microsoft Excel.  CDXStreamer is a suite of online tools and Excel add-ins to verify and correct address lists and look up ZIP and ZIP+4 Codes.

CDXStreamer can be used to access our web-based Bulk Address Correction and Zip+4 Lookup Tool and Zip Code Demographics Batch Report Tool. Additional online tools are available to process demographics by radius or by state and county.

If you have a list of addresses without ZIP Codes you will find our Bulk Address Correction Tool easily solves this problem. Just upload an .xlsx or .csv file with your available data to the tool. Both one column and multiple column address formats are supported. If you have a non-demographic version of CDXZipStream and now need to make a one-time demographic analysis you will also find CDXStreamer to be a cost effective alternative.

The demographic reports contain over 50 key statistics including household income, population, median age and business employment. We've also created a spreadsheet to create a graphical summary report using the output of the online tools.

Pricing for CDXStreamer is available here. Both monthly subscription and one time purchases are available. You can try CDXStreamer for free for 7 days by signing up for our free trial.

New CDXZipStream Demographic Data Items

 We've added new items to our premium demographic ZIP Code database which should prove especially useful for the Medical and Insurance Industries. The data is determined by Social Security and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) based as of January 2018:

  1. SSAStateCountyCode - The State County Code as set by the Social Security Administration for Medicare and Medicaid.

    2.MedicareCBSACode - The CBSA Code for this ZIP Code as set by the CMMS.

    3.MedicareCBSAName - The CBSA Name for this ZIP Code as set by CMMS.

  1. MedicareCBSAType - The CBSA type for this ZIP Code as set by CMMS. Metro or Micro.
  1. MarketRatingAreaID - The ID of the Insurance Market Rating Area as set by CMMS.

Also an additional item for general purpose use:

  1. CountyMixedCase - The primary county name in mixed case

All of the demographic data items that CDXZipStream covers can be found in this document.




Deactivating CDXZipStream Installations

We've previously covered how to install CDXZipStream on new computers the blog article How to Reinstall CDXZipStream on a New Computer. But what procedure should you use when you want to remove and deactivate CDXZipStream?

CDXZipStream is licensed per user and each license includes two activations. This allows you to put CDXZipStream on one main and one backup computer like a laptop.  If you have just purchased a new computer and have already used all of your activations you will receive an error from our registration server.

In the past, you would need to contact us at to remove older computers. But we've now added a feature to the latest version of CDXZipStream that allows you to handle this. When you press the "Register/Upgrade" button in the CDXZipStream Account menu item in Excel you will see the following dialog:



 On activated copies of the program you will now see a "Deactivate This Computer" button. Pressing this button will lead to a prompt for you to enter your website credentials. After successfully validating your request the computer will be removed from your activation list and the installation deregistered. You can then proceed to uninstall CDXZipStream using the programs feature in the Control Panel of Windows.

There are situations where this feature will not work like on a proxy network where our activation server can't be contacted. You can still proceed with the activation and then contact us at to remove the computer.

There are no limits on how many times you can do this but remember you are still bound by the CDXZipStream license terms.

We also realize that there are situations where no one has physical access to an old machine to deactivate it. You can send us an email stating the name of the computer and that you certify that this installation is no longer in service.   If you have an active Data Maintenance subscription we will reset the computers for you manually. We will only do this once for each maintenance period.   This contract can be purchased in the "CDXZipStream" menu of your online account at Please also note that without an active maintenance contract you will be unable to download the latest data updates.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. This will work with all versions of CDXZipStream.

New CDXZip4 function Now Available in CDXZipStream

The new function CDXZip4 is now part of CDXZipStream and provides address correction and USPS Zip+4 approved formatting using our CDXGeoData web service.  Available in all versions of CDXZipStream with a CDXGeoData API key, you can now perform address verification and correction using U.S. Postal Service databases. Get address data in standard format and find ZIP+4 Codes even for addresses with missing data.

The CDXZip4 function can be used by right-clicking on any cell in your worksheet and selecting Insert CDXZip4 Function from the new CDXGeoData Functions drop down menu.  Provide the input address information as either a single-line or multiple line address.  Multiple-line input will look like this:

If parts of the address are unknown, such as state or postal code, they can be omitted from the input data.  When specifying what data should be returned, you can request the “fullAddressOut” to return the entire address with all available information.  You can also request that just portions of the address be returned, which is useful for identifying a missing ZIP code, for instance, or to accurately parse the address into different worksheet cell

Requests are checked against a USPS database to determine the correct format and if it is deliverable.   Addresses not validated with return “Unknown or Invalid Address”.  The results should closely match the individual results returned at the USPS site.

To gain access to this functionality you must have a CDXGeoData API Key which is not part of the CDXZipStream license.  Tokens are used to access CDXGeoData with different levels for each service request.  This Zip+4 address verification will require 5 tokens per request.  Any number of users can access the CDXGeodata service with a single API key. 

A free CDXGeoData account comes with 1000 tokens that can be used for evaluation, development and non-profit use. If you use up your tokens, your account will be refreshed with up to 1000 additional requests on the monthly anniversary of your account start date.  Additional tokens can be purchased on an as needed basis with the following pricing.  The tokens are good for up to one year.   It’s easy and risk free to get started with our free account.

Bing Maps SnaptoRoad Now Available in CDXZipStream

Bing Maps has recently added new functionality called SnaptoRoad. This feature is useful when you are analyzing GPS data on route or tracking assets. GPS data is not always accurate and may reflect off-road data points. The SnaptoRoad feature will adjust the route data to conform to the road being travelled. Here is a Microsoft article describing this feature in more detail.

The CDXLocateBing function has been updated to return three new data items (SnaptoRoad Street, SnaptoRoad Coordinates, and SnaptoRoad Speed Limit).

It returns the specific street being traveled, the adjusted coordinates of the street or the speed limit if available.

The input data must be in the form of individual latitudes and longitudes. The input can also be in a single worksheet cell using the format Latitude|Longitude. This is the numeric latitude and longitude separated by a pipe character. This is also the output format provided for coordinates.   Here is an example formula for SnapToRoad.


Coordinates and SpeedLimit can be obtained by changing 11 in the above formula to 12 or 13.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. Registered users must have the Bing Version of CDXZipStream or better to use this function.