CDXZipStream Version 4.1 Update

We've upgraded CDXZipStream to increase the speed and performance of the CDXZipCode and CDXDistance functions. Caching is now employed so that repeated calls to the same Zip Code will come from memory and not the external database.  This provides an order of magnitude performance increase.  This is important when doing repeated operations such as a distance matrix or retrieving multiple data items from a single zip.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. There is no cost to get access to the update. The installation file for this can be downloaded here.  

“Geocode and Sort By Distance” Template Upgrade

This template allows you to geocode a list of addresses and then sort them by distance when compared to a target address.  Here is a video showing how it works.


We’ve expanded the number of address rows that the template can handle to 1 million from 65,000.   The number of optional data fields that can be included in the sort was also expanded significantly.  In addition to the existing geocoding sources (Bing, Maptitude and Mappoint) we’ve added the ability to use our local zip code database to geocode just by zip code and not the full address.  If you just need zip code accuracy, this is the fastest geocoding feed available and does not consume any requests from Bing or the other sources.

It requires the CDXZipStream Bing or better version to operate. The template can be download for free here

CDX Census Tract Data Feed Update

We've updated the CDXZipStream Census Tract data feed with the latest information from the American Community Survey for the years 2014-2018.  The feed includes all census tracts in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and covers a wide array of demographic data such as: age, individual earnings, educational attainment, household size, household income, housing value and rent, marital status, population, race, and school enrollment.  Most of these where relevant are also provided by gender.

Since census tracts are on average about half the size of ZIP Codes, they offer a more precise demographic snapshot.  A complete listing and description of each demographic variable is provided in the downloadable document CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions.  

To access the data, census tract codes (also referred to as FIPS codes) must be provided as input to an Excel worksheet.  CDX Technologies also offers a free Excel template that can identify census tract codes for an address list - please see the article Get Census Tract FIPS Codes in an Excel Template for more details.  Here is a video showing how this is done:


The census tract database is compatible with all demographic versions of CDXZipStream.  It is a separate purchase priced at $149.95 and can be purchased in your online account. Use the CDXZipStream menu "Buy Data Update" option.  

ACS Data Feeds Updated with Latest Census Data

The CDXZipStream ACS data feeds for state, county, ZIP code (ZCTA), place, and CBSA (Core-Based Statistical Area) have been updated with the latest data releases from the U.S. Census Bureau. These data are from the American Community Survey, which surveys about 1 out of every 38 households every year. These feeds are available in the CDXZipStream Premium ACS version. Data are aggregated over the years 2014 through 2018, with the exception of state demographics, which are provided for the year 2018.  

The demographic areas covered in all ACS feeds are: age, population, household size, household income, individual earnings, race and ethnicity, educational attainment, school enrollment, housing value and rent, mortgage status, and marital status. For a full listing of all data fields included in the feeds, please download the CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions file here.

If you already own CDXZipStream ACS Premium and have an active data maintenance contract, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream Excel menu and click on "Check for Available Database Updates". Then select the option to update your premium database.  

For users without an active account you can update your data feeds by logging into your on-line account on  Under "My Account", then "Product Management", select "Buy Data Update" and then purchase the Premium Maintenance contract.  If you don't have the correct CDXZipStream version select "Upgrade License" in the account area and select the option to upgrade to the ACS version. The latest data will automatically be included with your purchase.  

CDXZip4 – Correct Addresses with Zip+4 in CDXZipStream

In addition to 5 digit Zip Code functionality all CDXZipStream versions have built-in function for Zip+4 address correction.  This will allow you to get an exact zip code for any US address, correct errors and provide a USPS standardized output.  The CDXZip4 function is accessed by right-clicking on any cell in your worksheet, click on CDXZipStream functions, select CDXGeodata functions followed by Insert CDXZip4 function. 

Requests are checked against a USPS database to determine the correct format and if it is deliverable.   Addresses not validated with return “Unknown or Invalid Address”.  The results should closely match the individual results returned at the USPS site.

To gain access to this functionality you must have a CDXGeoData API Key which is not part of the CDXZipStream license.  Tokens are used to access CDXGeoData with different levels for each service request.  This Zip+4 address verification will require 5 tokens per request.  Any number of users can access the CDXGeodata service with a single API key. 

A free CDXGeodata API key to try out the service can be obtained on our website.  Click the "Generate API Key" button to get your free key. The free key can be used for evaluation, development or non-profit use and is good for 24 hours. Users are allowed to generate one free key each day.  The key can also be used to evaluate our other CDXGeodata Excel templates.

For higher usage levels and commercial use purchase blocks of additional token requests at this link.  A single key can be used for all the licenses in your account, it is licensed by requests and not users.  The tokens are available for up to one year and include an additional development API key with 1000 tokens per month. The development key will reset each month. No automatic rebilling.

CDXZipStream licensed users can request a development account by contacting