CDXZipStream Licensing


CDXZipStream is licensed on a per user basis. The license is perpetual, which means the version purchased can be used forever. ZIP code or demographic databases associated with the various CDXZipStream versions can be updated separately at the discretion of the user.  

Data updates and support and included as part of our software maintenance subscriptions. Your initial purchase comes with a 12 month maintenance subscription but updates and support past 12 months requires purchase of an additional subscription. Please see our pricing list for more information about data updates.  

Each CDXZipStream purchase includes 2 activations which are tied to individual computers. As long as you are the only user you can use these activations on two difference PC's or laptops. This allows you to restore a crashed computer or install the program on a spare computer.  These activations are not to be used by unlicensed users. To install CDXZipStream on a new computer, just download the demo and activate the software to its full version using your on-line account. A article on reinstalling CDXZipStream can be found here.  

You can transfer CDXZipStream to another computer by deactivating a previous installation as described in the following article. If you have an active maintenance subscription you can also send an email to to request the computer be removed. We will only do this manual process once each maintenance period. 

You can also upgrade your version to a higher version of CDXZipStream, without incurring the full cost of buying a brand new piece of software. The cost of the upgrade is simply the difference between the cost of the two versions as currently shown in our price list.  

Log into your on-line account to manage your CDXZipStream license. The account user name and password were provided by email at the time of purchase. The user name is usually your email address, and if you can't find your password you can reset it from the CDX Technologies website. From the account area, you can: add and manage activations, buy additional licenses, upgrade your license, buy maintenance subscriptions. and download data files associated with your version of the software. 

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions about the CDXZipStream license.


ACS Data Feeds Updated with Latest Census Data

The CDXZipStream ACS data feeds for state, county, ZIP code (ZCTA), place, BSA (Core-Based Statistical Area) and Tract have been updated with the latest data releases from the U.S. Census Bureau. These data are from the American Community Survey, which surveys about 1 out of every 38 households every year. These feeds are available in the CDXZipStream Premium ACS version. Data are aggregated over the years 2016 through 2020.
The demographic areas covered in all ACS feeds are: age, population, household size, household income, individual earnings, race and ethnicity, educational attainment, school enrollment, housing value and rent, mortgage status, and marital status. For a full listing of all data fields included in the feeds, please download the CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions file here.
Please note that the main CDXZipStream data tabe has not yet been updated with 2020 Census data because the zip code geography is not yet available from the US Census.The US Census does not yet have a specific date for this other than it will be in 2022.
If you already own CDXZipStream ACS Premium and have an active data maintenance contract, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream Excel menu and click on "Check for Available Database Updates". Then select the option to update your premium database. 
For users without an active account you can update your data feeds by logging into your on-line account on Under "My Account", then "Product Management", select "Buy Data Update" and then purchase the Premium Maintenance contract. If you don't have the correct CDXZipStream version select "Upgrade License" in the account area and select the option to upgrade to the ACS version. The latest data will automatically be included with your purchase.

Release Update for the 2020 American Community Survey Data


The US Census has announced that the 2020 American Community Survey data (covering the years 2016-2020) will be released on March 17 of this year. This release was delayed several months by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. As long as this date holds , we expect to have our databases updated for our April data release. The databases updated will include CDXACSState, CDXACSCounty, CDXACSCBSA, CDXACSPlace, CDXTract and CDXACSZCTA. More information on the U.S. census release date can be found at the following link.

Please note that the 2020 ACS Tract data will involve a new list of tracts. The previous list of tracts was defined from the 2010 census. We've updated our FIPS Census Tract template to allow the selection of tracts from 2010 or 2020 census with a drop down list. The latest template update is available for free at the following download page. If you are using a previous years tract data you must convert to the new tempalte and specify 2010 geographies. Otherwise you may receive "Tract Not Found" errors.


CDXZipStream International Postal Code Database Support

One feature many may not be aware of is that CDXZipStream can be configured to use postal code databases for other countries as a substitute for the default US zip code database. All of the CDXZipStream built-in functions which use the local zip code database (such as CDXZipCode, CDXDistance and CDXRadius) will be able to access this data.
We support 21 additional countries such as Australia, Mexico, India and Western European countries such as France. These databases are free can be obtained at the following download link. They are installed using the “Update Manually” function on the CDXZipStream “Account” function in Excel. You must have CDXZipStream version 5.1 or later installed. Registered users can get access to this feature by installing the current CDXZipStream demo installation file.
The Bing and Here geocoding and routing functions are not impacted by this change and can continued to be used for worldwide location data. The full Canadian database continues to be a standard optional add-on to the US database.
For more information on this new feature please check out the following video.

New Web Based Census Tract Demographics Batch Report

We are continuing to add to the family of CDXStreamer browser based tools available at A new Census Tract Demographics Batch Report has been added that produce a comprehensive analysis of a list of customer addresses.
This tool works in a similar fashion to our Address Correction and Zip+4 tool.  Simply upload an Excel (xlsx) file or csv file with your address information in single or multiple column format. The application will geocode the data and determine the matching Census tract and append over 200 data items from our tract demographic database.
The tool can handle up to 5,000 locations at one time and uses the HERE API as a data source. When the report is created you will receive a download link and an email receipt. Locations can be entered as complete or partial addresses. A separate option which does not involve uploading a file is available if you only wish to enter a single address. This tool will only work for US addresses. 
The output report is in csv format and can be imported to a Excel template we've developed to create a detailed demographic report.
There cost is $.02 per address with a $9.95 minimum report charge and it can be used with your CDXStreamer account for lower costs. Just a web browser is necessary to run the tool, no additional software is required.
A complete database of all US Census Tracts is available for $199.95 at the following link.
You’ll find the tool is useful if you have just a one-time report requirement or if you need to deploy and this type of application to your entire workforce. A single CDXStreamer license covers an unlimited number of users. CDXStreamer is just billed on the number of requests and does not require a separate license as CDXZipStream does. A free CDXStreamer demo is available for you to try out the product with no credit card required.