New Web-Based Geographic Access Analysis App

We are continuing to add to our product line of CDXStreamer browser-based tools. A new application for Geographic Access Analysis has just been released.


Geographic Access Analysis (also known as closest store analysis) is a method used to assess the proximity of various resources, services, or facilities in relation to specific geographic locations. It is an essential report needed by business, the medical industry, government, and other fields.


This tool allows you to upload a set of location postal codes along with a list of target postal codes in a spreadsheet in an excel or .csv file. The user can set a radius distance along with the maximum number of targets to be returned before starting. A report will then be produced which orders the locations by distance in ascending order for each target. Only targets within the radius specified up to the maximum number will be shown. Both US Zip Codes and Canadian Postal Codes are supported.


For a tutorial on using the new app please see the following video.


If you would like to see how this all works you can try CDXStreamer for free for 7 days for up to 1000 total requests by signing up for our free trial.


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