Quick Radius Report with CDXDistance

We've covered in past articles how to use the CDXRadius function to analyze the closest locations in mailing lists and other data applications. The basic technique is to create a CDXRadius formula report and then evaluate the distance of every item in the list using an Excel VLookup command. For more detail on this please see the support article we've previously published Advanced Zip Code Radius Calculator and Finder with Microsoft.


The technique with CDXRadius works best with large lists and if you will be using the same radius report repeatedly. For shorter lists and quick reports you can use the CDXDistance functions by adding a simple formula.


The spreadsheet below shows an example customer list where we want to evaluate all customers within 100 miles of the zip code 07869.

To do this simply enter the following formula beginning in the first row of your data which in this case is cell H3 referencing the first customer zip in G3.




and then copy this down your list.


The formula returns "YES" or "NO" depending if the customer is within the specified radius. Should you wish you can also include fixed cell references (i.e. $A$1) for the central zip code and radius distance to make updating easier. This technique is also more forgiving than using VLookup when your customer data includes zip codes without leading zeroes or with Zip+4. It also works well with our Canadian database as well as with US data.


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