New Census 2020 Database Now Available

 CDXZipStream Premium and Premium ACS versions now include a new Census 2020 Decennial database. This is in addition to the changes outlined in last months newsletter to the main zip code CDXZipStream database.

This new database table named CDXCensus2020 can be accessed in the CDXZipStream main Excel menu. Simply press the first "CDXZipStream" button and in the "Select Data Feed" option choose "CDXCensus2020". It is also available in the CDXZipStream right click option in the "Additional Data Feeds" area at the end of the list. The data is organized by ZCTA (Zip Code Tabulation Area) and includes the 33,774 zip codes the US Census covers.

The data items in this table include.

1.  Population by Age Bracket

2.  Male and Female Population by Age Bracket

3.  Housing statistics such as Household Size Brackets.

4.  Owner Occupied ,Renter Occupied and Vacant housing counts.

5.  Race and Hispanic Data

6.  ACS (US Census American Community Survey) 2021 Population Data

 We've also updated our CDXCity, CDXCounty, CDXState and CDXCBSA databases with data from the 2020 Decennial Census, 2021 ACS Survey and latest business data.

For a full listing of all data fields included in the feeds, please download the CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions file here.  

 CDXZipStream now includes databases for the Census 2000, 2010 and 2020 Decennial surveys making it a comprehensive resource for demographic reports where you can easily review decade long trends.

 If you already own one of the CDXZipStream versions mentioned above and have an active data maintenance contract, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream Excel menu and click on "Check for Available Database Updates". Then select the option to update your premium database.  You must have the database version 3.01 or later for this update. If you do not see the new databases after installing the update please install the latest version of CDXZipStream.

For users without an active account you can update your data feeds by logging into your on-line account on Under "My Account", then "Product Management", select "Buy Data Update" and then purchase the Premium Maintenance contract. If you don't have the correct CDXZipStream version select "Upgrade License" in the account area and select the option to upgrade to a premium version. The latest data will automatically be included with your purchase.


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