CDXZipStream Bulk Radius Analysis Template

One common request we often hear is how to run radius calculations in bulk. For instance, if you'd like to know all ZIP Codes within a 10 mile radius of a list of Zip Codes. This information can be used in performing a nearest store report, optimizing business locations or other applications. We've previously covered techniques for this as described in the blog post Get Radius Information for a List of ZIP Codes.


To help automate this we've developed a template to streamline the creation of these lists. Just one click can analyze thousands of zip codes. The free template along with may others is available to CDXZipStream users on our website who have the Lite Version of CDXZipStream or better.


Shown below is an example of a bulk radius report.

Just enter your ZIP Code list in column B. You can use the CDXZipList right-click function to generate a list of zip codes by city, state or county for this input. Use the option to only return the zip code column.


Then specify a radius distance and press "Calculate". Beginning in Column C, all ZIP Codes within that radius will be shown in individual cells. A radius distance up to 200 miles can be specified. The template has also just been updated to be able to use the latitude and longitude formats (i.e. 40.84|-74.56) rather than zip codes. This format was added with the CDXZipStream 5.4 release covered in last months newsletter.


You can also choose to return both the zip code and distance by clicking the check box on the right of the screen. Options to use the U.S. or Canadian databases are also available.


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