CDXZipStream Version 5.3 Released

Recently we have received reports that users were experiencing problems accessing Bing Maps when using the CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing functions. Microsoft has made a security change involving https: secure connections being made to the Bing Maps servers. CDXZipStream uses https: to protect the location data being sent to Bing against unauthorized third parties. The security standard TLS 1.2 is now required for any transactions with the Bing Maps server. Any older standards such as TLS 1.1 are now rejected.
If your system is not configured to use the new standard by default you will see errors messages such as "Location Not Found or Bing Maps Did Not Respond" returned consistently for all formulas. You can also try entering a known good location or route such as "=CDXLocateBing(0,"90210").
If you are experience this problem on your system please download and and install our most recent installation file available at the following link.

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