Bing Maps SnaptoRoad Now Available in CDXZipStream

Bing Maps has recently added new functionality called SnaptoRoad. This feature is useful when you are analyzing GPS data on route or tracking assets. GPS data is not always accurate and may reflect off-road data points. The SnaptoRoad feature will adjust the route data to conform to the road being travelled. Here is a Microsoft article describing this feature in more detail.

The CDXLocateBing function has been updated to return three new data items (SnaptoRoad Street, SnaptoRoad Coordinates, and SnaptoRoad Speed Limit).

It returns the specific street being traveled, the adjusted coordinates of the street or the speed limit if available.

The input data must be in the form of individual latitudes and longitudes. The input can also be in a single worksheet cell using the format Latitude|Longitude. This is the numeric latitude and longitude separated by a pipe character. This is also the output format provided for coordinates.   Here is an example formula for SnapToRoad.


Coordinates and SpeedLimit can be obtained by changing 11 in the above formula to 12 or 13.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. Registered users must have the Bing Version of CDXZipStream or better to use this function.

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