CDXZipStream Geocoding Template Update

This template allows you to geocode a list of addresses using data sources such as Bing to display the determined latitude and longitude.  

In addition to the existing geocoding sources (Bing, Maptitude and Mappoint) we've added the ability to use our local zip code database to geocode just by zip code. The "Map Data Source" selection dialog now includes a new function "CDXZipCode" that offers this new capability. If you just need zip code accuracy, this is the fastest geocoding feed available and does not consume any requests from Bing or the other sources.  The zip code column in the template is used for the data input and must be fully populated.

The template will now work with any CDXZipStream version.  The Lite and Findzip versions of CDXZipStream will now be able to use the new CDXZipCode data feed.  The CDXZipStream Bing or better version is still required to geocode by full address. The template can be download for free here.  

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