CDXZipStream International Postal Code Database Support

One feature many may not be aware of is that CDXZipStream can be configured to use postal code databases for other countries as a substitute for the default US zip code database. All of the CDXZipStream built-in functions which use the local zip code database (such as CDXZipCode, CDXDistance and CDXRadius) will be able to access this data.
We support 21 additional countries such as Australia, Mexico, India and Western European countries such as France. These databases are free can be obtained at the following download link. They are installed using the “Update Manually” function on the CDXZipStream “Account” function in Excel. You must have CDXZipStream version 5.1 or later installed. Registered users can get access to this feature by installing the current CDXZipStream demo installation file.
The Bing and Here geocoding and routing functions are not impacted by this change and can continued to be used for worldwide location data. The full Canadian database continues to be a standard optional add-on to the US database.
For more information on this new feature please check out the following video.

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