Release Update for the 2020 American Community Survey Data


The US Census has announced that the 2020 American Community Survey data (covering the years 2016-2020) will be released on March 17 of this year. This release was delayed several months by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. As long as this date holds , we expect to have our databases updated for our April data release. The databases updated will include CDXACSState, CDXACSCounty, CDXACSCBSA, CDXACSPlace, CDXTract and CDXACSZCTA. More information on the U.S. census release date can be found at the following link.

Please note that the 2020 ACS Tract data will involve a new list of tracts. The previous list of tracts was defined from the 2010 census. We've updated our FIPS Census Tract template to allow the selection of tracts from 2010 or 2020 census with a drop down list. The latest template update is available for free at the following download page. If you are using a previous years tract data you must convert to the new tempalte and specify 2010 geographies. Otherwise you may receive "Tract Not Found" errors.


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