Using Your CDX Technologies Account

When you purchase software from CDX Technologies, you will automatically be assigned an account that can be accessed from the website.  A username (normally your email address) and password for the account will be provided to you in the email that confirms your purchase.  So what can your account do for you?

After logging in with username and password, check out the menu on the left-hand side of the website and refer to the My Account options.  Here you can change your account password in the Account Password area, or Under Product Management, you will be able to see options that apply to the software you purchased:

For CDXZipStream

Add Keycode:  Use this function to generate a new keycode for your account, based on the computer ID of the PC or laptop where you will be running CDXZipStream.  The computer ID is a unique value generated by CDXZipStream during the purchasing/registration process.

Manage My Keycodes:  This area lists all available licenses and existing keycodes for your account.  Three additional keycodes per licenses are provided as spares to allow you to use CDXZipStream on multiple devices. These spares are not to be used to activate unlicensed users.  You can use the copy function here to input keycodes as required for registration.

Buy Additional License: This option allows you to add additional licenses to your account for your current version of CDXZipStream™.  All of your previous keycodes will remain unchanged.

Upgrade Licenses: You can upgrade your license to a higher (functionality) version of CDXZipStream from here.  Pricing is automatically calculated based on the price difference between your current version and the upgrade version.  

Buy Data Updates:  Data updates for your current CDXZipStream version can be purchased, either as one-time update or 12-month (1 year) subscription.  You can also purchase from here databases compatible with your license, such as the Canadian postal code and CDXTract databases;  CDXTract contains demographic data based on U.S. census tract geography.  Also available, is the Bulk Radius Template for radius-based reporting.  This option will only be visible when you own the CDXZipStream MapPoint, Basic, or one of the premium demographic versions.  For more information on how to use this template, please see the article Store Locator and Bulk Radius Analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Download Data Files:  Download and install the databases that support the functionality of your version of CDXZipStream.  Note that when entering the Product Management area, you will receive a message notifying you when your database is more than six months old.

For CDXStreamer

Account Settings:  As a subscription service, CDXStreamer has setting options that describe the subscription parameters such as the data request limit and the number of requests used.  You can contact us by phone (877) 239-8321 or by email ( to change these parameters or cancel your subscription at any time.

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