CDX Zip Code Lookup and Address Correction

We thought it would be a good time to review the product alternatives we have available for Zip Code lookup and Address Correction.  Which product you choose depends on the data you need and also the number of reports/requests you expect to do.

  1. Online Tools - If you would like to sample our data we have free online tools available. For a sample of the items available for each U.S. Zip Code give a try to our web based Zip Code Lookup Tool.  Additional information is available by using our Free Demographic Report by Zip Code  To validate mailing info use our Free Address Correction and Zip Code Lookup app. All of these reports are free but you are limited to one request at a time.
  2. CDXZipStream - CDXZipStream is a Windows based Excel add-in that can produce bulk zip code reports with greater coverage of demographics than the online tools. It can also check for valid mailing locations using Bing or Mappoint but can only supply zip codes, not Zip+4 data.  It is a one-time license purchase and no additional charges are made per request for any reports created with the local US or Canadian database.  For requests using Bing a free API key is available from Microsoft for up to 125,000 requests.  Bing can also provide coverage for countries other than the US and Canada.  A link showing Bing’s international coverage can be found here.
  3. CDXStreamer – If you need validated addresses with Zip+4 data checked against USPS data you would need to use CDXStreamer. The pricing of this service is charged per request. CDXStreamer is faster and more cost effective than other solutions if you need USPS checked data.  It also support a variety of additional information for each Zip+4.  CDXStreamer will only work in Excel for Windows and only support US data.
  4. CDXGeodata – CDXGeodata is a set of web service APIs and apps that work with software platforms including Windows, the Apple Mac and Linux.  It supports many of the feature available in CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer. We’ve designed this product so it can be used by standard business professionals as well as programmers to develop custom desktop or web based applications. Its pricing model is per request, not per user.  This makes it ideal for distributed applications to a large group of people or on non-Windows computers.  
  5. Microsoft Windows Store and Excel apps - CDX Technologies offers a suite of apps that can be downloaded for free in the online Microsoft Store.   Three Windows apps have been released including Postal Address and Zip+4 lookup, Zip Code Report, and Demographic Report  These apps match the applications that are also available on our web site under the “Tools” menu.  We’ve also recently released two spreadsheet applications in the Office store. This includes the Geodata Address Verification add-in and Zip Code Report app. These products are useful when you just have a few reports to create. There is no charge to use these services.

We will also be looking to expand our online offering to support bulk processing of requests.  Any feedback or suggestion of future products is always appreciated.

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