Cloud Based Address Correction and Zip+4 Reports

We’ve had the ability for quite a while to perform Zip+4 address correction in Windows versions of Microsoft Excel with our CDXStreamer add-in.  But unfortunately compatible versions of Excel aren’t available on Apple or Linux systems.  Now with the introduction of our cloud based tool users on all platforms can access these advanced capabilities.

To start, just visit our bulk address correction tool


You will need to place your address data in a Excel .xsls file or in a text csv file.  Both single column and multiple column inputs are allowed.  More information on formatting your data is available on the site.  Use a file explorer option to upload your data or drag and drop your file into the indicated area.

Shortly after uploading your file you will be taken to a preview screen.  Here you can see the first 25 results of your input to make sure all is as expected.   The report includes all data fields included in our CDXStreamer product including the corrected address, zip code, zip+4, county, state and DPBC.  


If you data isn’t returning correctly, an option to restart the process is available.

If you would like to process the entire report this can be purchased for .01 per address or by using your CDXStreamer account.  Use a CDXStreamer account if you intend to use the site multiple times or if you have a large number of requests where lower costs are available. Each address is checked via a USPS database.  If an address can’t be found or isn’t deliverable a message “Unknown or Invalid Address” will appear.  You can check any results at the USPS Zip Code Lookup site.

After purchasing a progress bar will appear as results are calculated. It may take several minutes for large files to process. When complete a download button will display allowing you to retrieve data in csv format.


That’s all it takes.  Three simple steps with no extra software to install on your system.  We hope you will give it a try.

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