Getting Help for CDXZipStream


A major priority for CDX Technologies is to provide excellent support for all of our software.  We find that first-class support not only (obviously) improves our customers experience with our products, but also gives us the opportunity to learn about the myriad ways our software is used and how we can improve it.

But the ever-changing world of PC’s can provide a real challenge for developers, and problems can and do arise with even the most carefully designed software.  If you start having a problem with CDXZipStream, we’d like to provide some advice here on how to proceed.

First, check the product support articles on the website.  They cover the most common problems, including:

CDXZipStream Toolbar Location in Excel 2007/2010

Filtering Addresses with Radius Distance Returns #NA for all entries

CDXZipStream Custom Functions Return #NAME?

Error 1303 During CDXZipStream Installation

CDXZipStream Toolbar Not Visible

CDXZipStream Returns "Address is Ambiguous or Invalid" Error

Another common issue is how to reinstall CDXZipStream on a new computer, which is covered in our blog article The CDXZipStream Licensing Agreement

If the resources above don’t quickly solve the problem, send us an email at or call 973-895-5542.   It always helps to describe the problem in as much detail as possible, including 

- A description of what you were attempting to do at the time the problem occurred

- The text of any error message (or a screen shot attached to an email if convenient)

- Your PC and software configuration

If appropriate, it can also be extremely helpful to email us your Excel file or a screenshot of the worksheet showing the problem.  This can really speed up the process of troubleshooting issues associated with using CDXZipStream worksheet functions, since the nature of the input data plays an important role in how well the functions work.   In this case, if you must send sensitive or proprietary information, please do not use regular email; you can contact us for access to our secure server.

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