Deactivating CDXZipStream Installations

We've previously covered how to install CDXZipStream on new computers the blog article How to Reinstall CDXZipStream on a New Computer. But what procedure should you use when you want to remove and deactivate CDXZipStream?

CDXZipStream is licensed per user and each license includes two activations. This allows you to put CDXZipStream on one main and one backup computer like a laptop.  If you have just purchased a new computer and have already used all of your activations you will receive an error from our registration server.

In the past, you would need to contact us at to remove older computers. But we've now added a feature to the latest version of CDXZipStream that allows you to handle this. When you press the "Register/Upgrade" button in the CDXZipStream Account menu item in Excel you will see the following dialog:



 On activated copies of the program you will now see a "Deactivate This Computer" button. Pressing this button will lead to a prompt for you to enter your website credentials. After successfully validating your request the computer will be removed from your activation list and the installation deregistered. You can then proceed to uninstall CDXZipStream using the programs feature in the Control Panel of Windows.

There are situations where this feature will not work like on a proxy network where our activation server can't be contacted. You can still proceed with the activation and then contact us at to remove the computer.

There are no limits on how many times you can do this but remember you are still bound by the CDXZipStream license terms.

We also realize that there are situations where no one has physical access to an old machine to deactivate it. You can send us an email stating the name of the computer and that you certify that this installation is no longer in service.   If you have an active Data Maintenance subscription we will reset the computers for you manually. We will only do this once for each maintenance period.   This contract can be purchased in the "CDXZipStream" menu of your online account at Please also note that without an active maintenance contract you will be unable to download the latest data updates.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. This will work with all versions of CDXZipStream.

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