How to Install the CDXGeodata Excel Add-in

Microsoft Excel add-ins with the extension (.xlam) do not install open directly in Excel as do standard spreadsheets (.xlsx) files.   Since they will run each time Excel starts you will need to install the add-in using menu commands in Excel as described in the procedure which follows below.  These instructions apply to Excel 2010 and latest versions of Excel. While this example is for CDXGeodata, it can be used to install other add-ins as well.

The first step is to download the CDXGeodata add-in which can be found at the following link.

Make sure that you remember the location where the file is downloaded. 

If you are using the Mac all you need to do is click on the Tools – Add-in menu in Excel. Browse to the file and then press OK to load the add-in.  The CDXGeodata file should now be active.

If you are using Windows you will need to “Unblock” the file.  This step is not necessary if you are using Excel for the Mac.

In Windows to unblock a file use the File Explorer to browse to the file Location.  Then right-click on the file and select “Properties” in the menu that appears.   If you see “Unblock” in the lower right as shown in the image below click on it and then press “OK” and close the dialog.

For Windows 7 systems the “Unblock” option will be presents as a button rather than a check box.

We recommend copying this file to a trusted location that Excel recognizes and then installing the file from that location.  You can determine this by clicking on “Trust Center Settings” and then “Trusted Locations” in the Excel File-Options-Trust Center menu.  Placing the file in the XLSTART folder suggested for “Excel Startup” in this list should install the add-in when Excel restarts.

If the add-in is still not visible after restarting Excel or if the file is in another location you can load the add-in manual using the “File-Options-Add-ins” menu in Excel.  At the bottom of the dialog you will see a “Manage” function as shown in the picture below.


Make sure that the dialog is set to manage “Excel Add-ins” and press “Go”.   In the dialog that appears press “Browse”.



The screen shown below will appear.  Switch to the directory where you have placed the unblocked “CDXGeodata” addin and press “OK”.



The CDXGeodata add-in will be added to your Excel add-in list as shown below.  Click OK to close the dialog.



The Geodata add-in is now successfully installed.  You should now see the CDXGeodata menu in the top menu of Excel and have access to the right click functions and formulas.

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