Using Your CDXStreamer Account

CDXStreamer started out as an Excel Add-in for address correction and Zip+4 data.  We have significantly expanded the capabilities of this product line with our cloud based software available at   It’s now possible use the same address correction function by simply using your browser to upload an address list and then retrieve the processed results.  This doesn’t require Excel and will work on non-Windows platforms such as the Mac or Linux or even on your phone.

We’ve expanded the CDXStreamer product line with additional tools to retrieve zip code demographics for a particular geography, radius or for a custom list of zip codes.   Reports can be generated for a particular state, county or city or combination thereof.   We’ve gone into more detail on this software in a previous blog article.  

With the online tools you have an option to purchase a one time report for a price of $.01 per address request or zip code with a minimum charge of $9.95.  But if you will be creating many reports over an extended period of time it makes sense to purchase a CDXStreamer account.   Pricing for CDXStreamer is available here. Both monthly subscription and yearly fixed accounts are available with significant savings over the one-time cost of reports.

Using your online CDXStreamer is a simple matter of logging in at at with your username and password received with your purchase.  Once logged in simply upload your file or select the desired report, preview your data, and if satisfactory press “Next”.  The next screen should appear:


Press the “Use My CDXStreamer Account” button to get access to the report.  Please be patient as when the report is ready a “Download” button will appear.  The number of requested data points are simply deducted from the number you originally purchased.  No additional credit charge is made.   This also saves you significant time from having to enter your original purchase information again. 

If you see the following screen this means that you did not log-in before using the online tools.


Simply press the “Log into your account” blue link text and enter your credentials.   A screen with the “Use My CDXStreamer Account” button will appear if successful.

If you would like to see how this all works you can try CDXStreamer for free for 7 days for up to 1000 total requests by signing up for our free trial.

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